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MgA. Vendula Poznarová

MgA. Vendula Poznarová

Her dancing career roots in the environment of ballroom dances a čtvrtá v latinsko-amerických tancích z mistrovství světa v norském Stavangeru. She is a vice champion of the Czech Republic in Latin-American dances, world champion in Latin American formations and the fourth in Latin- American dances at the World Championship in Stavanger, Norway.

Her current artistic work in the field of choreography is associated with contemporary dance.. In 2015 she graduated from the master's programme in the field of choreography at AMU, Prague under Jan Kodet and Mirka Eliášová.

In 1999 she founded and led the children's dance studio Hot Shenose and since 2010 she has been the founder and manager of renowned dance studio "Contemporary - space for dancing."

Choreographical experience:

Student´s projects, HAMU:

2015 – “Godoti” (Godots) – the full-lenght performance based on Samuel Beckett´s drama, diploma thesis

2015 – “Kratší kousky”(Shorter pieces) – programme concerning six shorter performances (5 – 20 min)

2014 – “Gravitace ticha” (The gravitation of silence)

2013 - “Al s’fod” – bachelor thesis (theme: fuga)

2012 - “Žárlivost”(Jealousy) – film/ dance adaptation of Janáček´s libretto

11 full-lenght author children performances such as:

2010 - “End of epoch”

2009 - “Little ocasion”

2007 - “Inside war”

2005 - “Civilizační čmelák”

2003 – “Malý princ” (The Little Prince)

1999 - “Ta rudá dívka, co byla tanec sám” (The red girl that was a dance itself)

Dance experiences:

2010 – 2015 HAMU, field: choreography

2006 – until now International dance workshop “Tanec bez hranic” (The dance without borders)

2001 – 2005 international dance fellowship “World dance movement”

1999 – 2000 Accreditational course in Prague as a study programme of The State Conservatory Prague finished by the seminar thesis called „The Methodology of Marta Graham’s Dance Technique“ and accreditaion of the dance instruktor of the modern dance techniques

1990 – 1996 TŠ Krok Hradec Králové – the school of ballroom dances:

vice champion of the Czech Republic in Latin- American dances

world champion in Latin- American formations

the fourth in Latin- American dances at the World Championship in Stavanger, Norway

the sixth at the World Championship in dance formations

Pedagogical experiences:

2010 – until now Contemporary – space for dance

1999 – until now Hot Shenose

2001 – dance studio Freedom

1996 – 2001 Bambini di Praga

1999 – dance studio Aspekt

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