About Us

The International Courses of Interpretation in Zábřeh are for all students of music schools, high schools and universities with music approbation, as well as for their professors. But also for all those who are interested in art and music.

The seven-day programme offers solo concerts of the prominent soloists and ensambles from the Czech Republic and abroad, concert of teachers, lectures on interpretation of artistic pieces, workshops, concerts of participants and gala evening. It is possible to participate in courses actively or passively. After participating in the courses a certificate is received.

Disciplines you can participate in:

Music disciplines: piano, violin, viola, violoncello, voice and chamber music

Dance: classic, modern and historical dance

Our teachers are the prominent personalities from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The main organiser is Základní umělecká škola Zábřeh (www.zus-zabreh.cz). The lessons are being held at ZUŠ Zábřeh, Školská 9, and in Skalička chateau (www.zamek-skalicka.cz). The concerts take place in the new concert hall in ZUŠ Zábřeh and in St. Barbora´s Church.