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Jarmila Chaloupková

Jarmila Chaloupková

The singer Jarmila Chaloupková graduated at AMU in Prague. She is the winner of the third prize in the Antonín Dvořák´s International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary. After graduation she was accepted for Ph.D. programme in solo singing. She started her artistic career by performing in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries – in Slovakia, Germany and France, she also performed in the Netherlands and Austria. Jarmila Chaloupková cooperated with several chamber ensembles, she organised singing recitals with accompany made by organs, harpsichord or lute, e.g. Czech String Duo, Telemann Quartet, with her artistic partners - such as organ player Josef Popelka, harpsichord player Ivana Jandová- Bažantová and for the last 15 years she has also cooperated with English lute player Brian Wright.

She regularly gives her recitals with Brian Wright in the Czech Republic and abroad. They cooperated with the Czech Radio. They recorded English renaissance lute songs and Christmas music written by V. A. Michna from Otradovice. It was recorded for the radio programme Musica Antiqua. Beside those recordings they made a cassette Písně s loutnou ( Songs with lute) and the profile CD Amour Victorieux. Artist´s profile was broadcasted by Česká televize. Jarmila Chaloupková and Brian Wright perform yearly in France (Paris, Auxerre atd.), in Germany (1997, 2001, 2002), in Belgium (2003), in Slovakia, in 2004 and 2006 in USA (National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, Music festival in Mendocino in California, San Francisco). In 2011 they performed in Paris in May (Sur Tasto festival) and in December as well.

She studied a song repertoire from the 16th and the 17th century in master classes of Nigel Rodgers and Poppy Holden at International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice, in 2000 at Summer School of Early Music at West-Dean College in England under Evelyn Tubb.

She is also a favourite and experienced teacher in classic and pop field. She gained her knowledge and experience as a teacher at Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem. For eight years she was a professor at Conservatory in Pardubice. Her students participated in many competitions and were accepted to study at HAMU in Prague. Later she taught singing at KJJ in Prague and she was the head of voice and musical department for 13 years. Jarmila Chaloupková also taught at International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice (2002 – 2004) and at other courses of early music (seminar at Týnská school in Prague, at Conservatory in Košice etc.)

She was a voice coach of pop and musical singers (Vlasta Horváth, Petr Bende, Michal Foret, Zuzana Vejvodová etc.). In 2005 and 2006 she appeared in a TV show Česko hledá Superstar as the main voice coach. In relation with this activity she dedicated herself in spreading various methods of teaching pop music singing within radio and newspaper interviews, pedagogical seminars etc.

Recently she leads pedagogical seminars focused on popular and classic singing for music school teachers in the Czech Republic. She is also a member of juries at music school singing competitions, National Competition “Karlovarský skřivánek”, in 2014 – Antonin Dvorak´s International Singing Competition, Karlovy Vary: the category Opera Hopes, etc.

Since 2009 she has been teaching classic solo singing at Pardubice Conservatory. She has been cooperating with well-known voice teacher Antonio Carangelo.

The achievement of her pedagogical activities in during the last five years

The student Petr Nekoranec won these singing competitions:

-Dušek´s International Competition

-the song competition of International Conservatory Prague

- International Singing Competition “Pražský pěvec” (the absolute winner)

-in 2012 the absolute winner in Singing Competition in Olomouc

- A. Dvorak´s International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary (twice the Second Prize at Junior category) and he won the category Song in 2012

- in 2013 won as the absolute winner in Competition of Conservatories

Nowadays he cooperates with the opera studio in Münich on opera L´Italiana in Algeri and he studies the leading part in opera Count Ory by G. Rossini. His greatest achievement is the second prize at International Singing Competition in Toulouse in France, September 2014. That gave him an opportunity to cooperate with the famous conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and he is invited for an audition in MET, New York.

-in July 2014 the absolute winner of Ljuba Welitschková’s International Singing Competition in Wien (competing with 70 other singers up to 31).

The student Nikol Uramová won the Third Prize at B. Martinů´s Singing Competition in Prague and the Second Prize in Competition of Conservatories in 2013. She won the category Opera Hopes in A. Dvorak´s International Singing Competion, Karlovy Vary in September 2014. Receiving these awards lead to collaboration with Nekoranec (robot Primus) in J. Jirásek´s opera RUR (solo part of Helena) in Prague. She was also a guest at singing recital of Štěpán Kocán and Simon Keenlisid (soloists of MET) in the part of Elvira.

Another student Kristýna Kůstková gained the 1st prize in the Competition of Conservatories, in 2014 1st prize in Dušek´s International Singing Competition, in September 2014 was the winner of the cathogory Opera Hopes (together with Nikol Uramová) in Antonin Dvorak´s International Singing Competition and in 2015 won 1st prize in category of conservatories in the Competition “Pražský pěvec”.

Tereza Štěpánková won the 2nd prize in Opera Hopes category.

Ažběta Malá won the 3rd prize at Singing Competition in Olomouc, 2014.

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