Organisation of courses

Disciplines available in 2023:

piano, voice, violin, violoncello, chamber music, classic and modern dance

Term of courses:

7. 7. – 13. 7. 2024

The tuition takes place in the modern-equipped building of the Music School in Zábřeh (the main organiser of the courses), and in Skalička chateau. The participants will be given a small snack in both buildings.

The seven-day programme offers concerts of prominent soloists and chamber orchestras from the Czech Republic and abroad, concerts of the tutors, interpretation seminars, workshops, concerts of the participants and gala evening.


The active participants’ programme includes 4 individual lessons in the duration of 45 minutes under the tutors chosen in advance. Lessons are being held in form of workshops. Passive participants, other students and teachers can be present as well.

The students attending lessons focused on playing an instrument will be taught by a teacher according to pre-scheduled timetable. The teacher advises on interpretation of the chosen work, helps with appropriate understanding and learning the work, offers new view on it and other options for further work on the music material. Each participant is provided by four lessons of practice before the main lesson, other time for practising is limited by the organisator (the occupation of classes, time, etc.)…

Voice lessons of Maestro Carangelo are held in the form of open workshops with no pre-scheduled timetable. Maestro works with all students in those lessons, reacting on their needs and questions.

At the end of the courses, the participants have an opportunity to present the results of their work at public concerts. (Concerts are recorded on DVD).

Passive participants visit chosen workshop according to their preferences and interests, they are free to go to every provided events. Their questions and remarks are welcome.


The dance lessons are divided into two parts (2x45 minute). It is possible to choose from three modules: classic and modern dance or dance improvisation. Each module is specific. In classic dance (ballet) lessons the main focus is on "exercices à la barre" and "exercices au millieu" (without the support of the bar in a free space). In modern dance lessons the participants create short etudes in connection with the music (piano accompaniment or music record). Improvisation is focused on the close connection with the pianist. It takes place mostly in ground-floor rooms.

Lessons are available for students from 12 years old.

One dance lesson can be participated by max. 12 students.