The International Courses of Interpretation (ICI) were founded in 2010 by Martin Hroch, the teacher at Music School in Zábřeh. In the first year of ICI there were two disciplines – piano and harpsichord. Due to the success of the courses, new disciplines were added in following years: classic singing, violin, violoncello and chamber music. Later the viola was added too.

The number of participants increased in the following years. The participants were not just from the Czech Republic but also from England, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and other countries. Teachers accepting invitations were significant personalities in artistic as well as in pedagogical field from the Czech Republic and abroad. It is highly appreciated that the teachers and students come back every year and still find inspiration, motivation and friendly atmosphere in there.

To imagine and feel the atmosphere see the GALLERY.

The founder of courses, Martin Hroch, after ending his pedagogical activities at Music School, Zábřeh, also put an end to his role as an organiser of the courses. Special thank belongs to him for his work in organizing those courses in the previous years. We wish him all the best in his artistic and personal life.